Starwavez / Surfrider Dayz
Starwavez / Surfrider Dayz

Starwavez / Surfrider Dayz

We’re all about the cosmic ocean but we also care deeply for the vast oceans of water that cover most of the Earth.

That’s why we’re announcing the Starwavez Surfrider Dayz promotion. Our Web site will turn into the Starwavez Surfrider Dayz Shop several times this year and all proceeds from whatever we sell will go to benefit the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. You can also donate to them directly at their Web site, — either way, if you give, you get plenty of satisfaction in return. We don’t have much to sell, besides a colorful, decorative Wheel O’ SunShign, a Sun Dial mini astrological reading and a Skype Hype series of personal consultations but hey, we’ll expand our offerings soon. Thanks! We need YOUR help! Even if you don’t plan on ever buying anything from us, why not tell your friends about us, please? Let’s jack up traffic to this site to attract blue-chip advertisers to help keep us online and to help our budding blog business grow! That’s our goal. Not to only urge you to buy something from us, but to tell a friend about us so we can boost our Web traffic and build on our online presence. We know it’s sometimes frustrating to try to call up our site and have server delays. We’re working on migrating this site to a new server soon. If you’d like to see us continue to produce content, please spread the word about us! Word-of-mouth is one of the most reliable forms of organic advertising. As they used to say at Alpha-Beta, “Tell a Friend!”      

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