Warren Buffett: The Voice of Reason
Warren Buffett: The Voice of Reason

Warren Buffett: The Voice of Reason

Well, leave it to a Virgo to try to be of service to his fellow man and woman. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the man who has made his fortune by diversifying his portfolio, in true mutable (flexible) SunShign fashion, has made a powerful statement. According to my friend Greg, a lawyer for Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett started out selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. He now owns a railroad, See’s Candy, Fruit of the Loom and GEICO, among other things. His diversified interests are as diverse as this nation’s population.

The recent full moon in Aquarius, which is Warren’s sixth house of work and service, preceded his comments on the economy. The self-serving Republican hypocrites in Congress are wrong and have been wrong all along: continuing to protect the interests of the super rich (by not allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire) while the poor and middle class get fucked is no way to govern. Way to go, Warren! The SunShign is your biggest fan!

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