We’re all feeling the wonderful energy of the full moon in industrious, resourceful and humorous Capricorn.

This is a time that calls for coolheadedness and a plan to reach the very top of the mountains in your mind. With grace, confidence, idealism and compassion, you can really, truly do all things. When you mix these indgredients together, we get faith and resolve. Together with the wisdom of humility, this makes an unbeatable combination. My good Capricorn friend Dennis Hauck and his wife Brooke have a Samoyed dog named Whisper who looks a lot like a walking snowball with a waggy tail and anxious tongue. I grew up around animals: dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, fish, parrots, etc. We had a green parrot named Pepe who would just say, “What?” all the time; or wait, I think the correct way of putting that is that he asked, “What?” all the time. Curious bird! Sometimes we people have a way of forgetting that we’re all connected with pretty much everything on Earth. Just because we’re “civilized” and have our handy dandy smart phones, drive our fast cars, sip on our iced lattes and have guns that we watch people shoot each other with every day (even if it is just on TV), through it all we somehow forget that we are all a part *of* nature and not apart *from* nature. So, go on, be kind to your animal friends and to your tree friends, too. I’m no true-hugging, lizard-kissing nature-lover, but I am a sunshine lover! Just like the rest of our furry, slimy, scaly, froggy and waggy-tailed friends!


At any rate, we care for all of our animal friends and would like them to be protected. We’re ending our SOPA-Scopez with the sign-off championing the cause of animal rights and coined by the marvelous game-show host Bob Barker. “The SunShign is Bright” is our way of paying homage to the legendary Barker and all that he has done and will continue to do on behalf of stray dogs, cats, birds and chickens everywhere. Every animal needs a home, domesticated or in the wild. If we domesticate a species, as we have done with cats and dogs, then we must morally do our part to make certain that they are cared for and get good homes. It’s only common decency. Thank you and oh….SOPA-Scopez are about to get mucho silly so don’t let the levity (or lack thereof) in the “SunShign is Bright” fool you, we’ve got some crazy stuff in store! “The SunShign is Bright” is a little something to whet your insatiable appetite for salacious astro-gossip. We talk real tabloid-proof stars! Rupert’s dogs can’t touch this! Ggggrrrrr….back off, you sly fox!

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