Mercury retrograde
Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde

Strange “coincidences” occur when Mercury retrogrades as the great synchronicity of the universe becomes more apparent. It retrogrades in frank Sagittarius and eases back into Scorpio by the time it comes out of retrograde on November 26th. Scorpio is a sign that digs and penetrates to get to the very essence of any situation.

We’re clearly being asked to gather enough courage to deal with what has been too painful to deal with and what we have swept under the rug. The truth shall set us free!!!! People from the past will come back into our lives in the three weeks of the retrograde and they will return to teach us something about life and to remind us of what truly matters — selfless service, compassion, love, generosity and fairness. We first have to give those things to ourselves before we can share them with others. Be kind and loving to yourself and you will be more able to give the same to others. WOW!

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