The queen lioness of comedy: We Love Lucy!
The queen lioness of comedy: We Love Lucy!

The queen lioness of comedy: We Love Lucy!

We’ll always love Lucy!


We send our fondest Hallmark Birthday Greetings to the memory of Lucille Ball on the anniversary of her birth in Jamestown, New York. The marvelous actress is forever immortalized for her role as Lucy Ricardo in the iconic “I Love Lucy” TV comedy. I highly recommend that you read a book by Desi Arnaz to get an idea of what life was like for the best couple in showbiz; Ironically, his autobiography is called, simply, “A Book.”

I’ve been in love with Lucy since I was a kid because the show really taught me and I think all of us how to capture and use our imaginations before we even knew we had one. “I Love Lucy” showed us how to laugh out loud way before we were LOL-ing. Sure, it was only a TV show but really it was much more than just that: “I Love Lucy”  demonstrated the awesome power to laugh your way over, under, through and out of adversity and pain. That’s why they say that laughter truly is the best medicine. Or is it Vitameatavegamin? Spoon your way to health! I took the picture above at CBS Television Distribution, which was once Paramount TV and before that it was known simply as Desilu.

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