Full Moon in Taurus – Amor vincit omnia
Full Moon in Taurus – Amor vincit omnia

Full Moon in Taurus – Amor vincit omnia

Let’s celebrate the beautiful Full Moon energy in the powerfully resolute, resourceful and gracefully charming sign of Taurus.

This Full Moon will serve as a backdrop for the wonderfully intoxicating energy that Venus has been emitting since her direct turn on November 18th, after a six-week retrograde phase. We’ve got quite a cosmic cocktail stirring things up for us: Venus is direct in beauty-minded Libra, jolly gas giant Jupiter is now direct in dreamy Pisces, oh yeah, and Pisces’ other ruling planet, Neptune, also went recently direct in humanitarism-oriented Aquarius. This Full Moon in sensuous and sultry Taurus accentuates and augments these wonderful feelings of motion and sudden optimism. Keep faith and in the words of the late Stargazer Jack Horkheimer, “Keep Looking Up!”

Even in the face of enormous odds and intractable circumstance, always remember amor vincit omnia, “Love Conquers All” — now that we’re on the subject of corny sayings, Taurus might be fond of saying that the key to happiness in life is: “LAUGHTER, LOVE, LEMONADE” and we couldn’t agree more.

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