12-Text Program: Textaholics Anonymous
12-Text Program: Textaholics Anonymous

12-Text Program: Textaholics Anonymous

Philandering has fully embraced this Aquarian Age and text is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to reach out and touch somebody. Well, at least figuratively until you can reach out and touch them in literal fashion. They say that “loose lips sink ships” but it also be said that “sexting shakes hips” if you ask Capricorn Tiger Woods, Libra Brett Favre, Aquarian Ashton Kutcher and the latest example of this constant craze, Taurus hoops superstar Tony Parker.

Taurus is known as sensual sign and Tony’s wandering eye and wandering texting thumb got him caught red-handed (or red-thumbed) by his lovely wife, the sweet Pisces Eva Longoria-soon-to-be-ex-Parker.

When AT&T coined the marketing phrase, “reach out and touch someone” decades ago I’m sure they’d never have imagined just how many millions would follow that credo.

No word yet on whether or not Dr. Drew Pinsky will address this chronic pandemic of textaholism among famous people and if he will feature the fad on Celebrity Rehab.

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