You wanna see my whhatt?
You wanna see my whhatt?

You wanna see my whhatt?

Does this girl show more gumption than does Gaga? Well, that’s an arguable question but her latest single does pack quite a wad, er, wallop.

Scorpio songstress Katy Perry has a penchant for communicating raw sex appeal and telegraphing it with catchy lyrics and a mesmerizing blend of candor and hilarity.

Now that sexpot Venus is gracing her sign, it’s no wonder she’s making quite an indelible impression in the sexiest of ways.

She’s already made numerous appearances on NBC’s Today Show for performances at the peacock network’s Rockefeller Center studios. Now, Perry is paying homage to the peacock with her infectiously funny song, “Peacock.”

On a personal note, I’ve met with the peacock network myself twice this year  — once in February and again in June to talk research. NBC Universal, as you may know, also owns iVillage, the people, so they certainly believe in diversifying. is not one of your better astrology sites, far from it; but, I digress.

The industry is now very corporate but at least they’re still making good shows. I can’t bite the hand that once fed me but I can say this: let’s raise the bar, folks, and get rid of trashy reality, once and for all. The writer’s guild strike is long since over, so pick up the gauntlet thrown down by fed up audiences and tell us good, sophisticated stories again that make people laugh, cry and live vicariously through the thrills and excitement of the human parade. March on, troops! Your left-your-left-your-left-right-left….

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