Finally, Jupiter has come back to Pisces
Finally, Jupiter has come back to Pisces

Finally, Jupiter has come back to Pisces

The Big J is back in its watery home of Pisces until January 2011

The electronic explosion of Jupiter in eclectic Aquarius in 2009 brought the price of flat-screen HDTVs and sophisticated smart phones down, as a result of overproduction, which ultimately stimulated sales of electronic goods. Technology has evolved at break-neck speed and consumers, businesses and government have spent in order to keep up.

Then 2010 ushered in a shift in our thinking. All of a sudden Jupiter entered Pisces and we became more aware that we are all connected and that no border, sea, nor law can keep us completely separate from the rest of humanity — our connectivity became so obvious, especially when nations were dealing with the same set of problems on a global scale. “Hey, instead of trying to figure things out autonomously, why not put our heads together and figure out solutions to our strikingly similar set of concerns, problems and fiscal calamities?” Ascribe that last one especially to Pluto in Capricorn. Everything that happened earlier in the year served to remind us that we are all connected.

When Jupiter entered adventurous Aries in June, we had a rip-roaring, exciting summer full of fits and starts underpinned by an erratic stock market. Our patience for “recovery” started to wear very thin and sensing this,  challengers in election races pounced on incumbents (many of them do-nothing, self-serving politicians) and called on them to be accountable for what they’ve done, how they’ve voted, or what they haven’t done or how they haven’t voted on key issues worth a damn to anyone. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Where did all the jobs go and why can’t Obama create more? He’s still dealing with damage control from the disastrous Bush presidency so we’ve given him slack. Well, the answer is quite simple: the system itself is in need of overhaul.

Thanks in part to artsy Neptune in eccentric Aquarius, we live in world of Facebook, iPhones, Google and Gaga. With magnanimous Jupiter returning to Pisces we’ll see events that will point to one conclusion: it is through offering others selfless service, compassion, mercy and forgiveness that we find the greatest reward and happiness. This may be the “me” generation but situations have become such that we can no longer afford to deny, shun and trivialize our obligations to each other and to this beautiful, wonderfully-giving planet that we all live on and call home. We are being asked to mimic the generous quality of the Earth and GIVE to all living beings. Are we up to the challenge?

When Neptune enters its home of Pisces in two years, the arts will experience a renaissance of fine entertainment value. Until then, electronic illusions abound.

The Cosmic Ocean is the YouTube portal of our new WordPress-powered sister sites, StarWaveZ and Sunshign. As we convert to a new way of doing things, we’ll keep the very essence in tact. The Alpha-Beta version is how we introduced ourselves to the Web and it remains with us while we transition and expand in cyberspace. We at meec wish to thank every one of you for your support and encouragement. We’re doing our best to pass it on.

Reach out, look up and dive in! Be bright. ‘Shign’ your light!!!!


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