Zodiac Party Packs

Zodiac Party Packs

Throw a ZODIAC party every month of the year! “The Gregarious Aquarius” Carroll Righter was a famous astrologer (and a charter Astrology Hall of Fame inductee) whose celebrity clients included Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars.
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Mr. Righter was known for throwing his opulent “zodiac parties” that were complete with decorations, games, starry-themed cocktails and star charts. We’ve updated the concept with a collection of ZODIAC ATTACK Party Packs. These fun-filled kits contain party-themed items that are specific to each sign.
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Aries Party

Taurus Party

Gemini Party

Cancer Party

Leo Party

Virgo Party

Libra Party

Scorpio Party

Sagittarius Party

Capricorn Party

Aquarius Party

Pisces Party 







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