Welcome to the new 12 Signs Zign at the New Moon in Virgo
Welcome to the new 12 Signs Zign at the New Moon in Virgo

Welcome to the new 12 Signs Zign at the New Moon in Virgo

After a Mercury retrograde in Virgo that was very rife with sudden unexplained delays and weird snafus, we’re back and ready to take on and enlighten the world and all of its Earthling inhabitants!

We’ll keep bringing you Moon Alerts/Bulletins, important cosmic weather FYIs and the best horoscopes available anywhere. Our vision has always been to shine a bright light on the masses and our mission is still the same, we’re just now on a faster, better web server after some technical hiccups with our previous web host. We’re planning to come out with ways you can rep your sign and cop merch based on your sign. We figure that some of you (if not all of you) tend to identify with your sign in a way that emboldens you to want to wear it or have it tattooed on your body. Cop your sign with cool stuff you can pick up in the 12 Signs Art Shop & Swag! Check it out!

The New Moon in Virgo is a good time to implement plans, organize a project or take the first steps towards accomplishing a long cherished goal. Virgo is an effective planner, an efficient taskmaster and a reliable friend to call on in need. Whenever you come to Virgo with a problem, they will offer you more than one way to solve it! Their first solution is often the best! Flexibility, service, helpfulness, efficiency and grace are all favored under this influence. Reach for the stars and the Virgo maiden will help make what you’re doing as perfect as humanly possible!

Having trouble deciding which way to move forward? Mercury’s direct turn will bring clarity. If you’re feeling stuck, the solution is simple. Step outside of yourself, help others and often the solution to your own problems will be found! No one is an island and we’re all dealing with struggle. When you throw others a life line, the universe will take notice. Good energy is like a boomerang. Pass it on, mate! Virgo would have it no other way. Cheers!

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