We are water
We are water

We are water

Have you ever felt slugging and like blah? Of course you have! Have you tried to drink coffee, caffeine-laden soda, tea or energy drink to get that extra pep only to have it lift you up and send you crashing back down to Earth only a few hours later? Well, I have the solution: drink water. I had two vodka drinks over the weekend to help me let loose as a dancing fool at the club and the next day I had a coffee to jolt me back to life. It didn’t make me feel much better. In fact, I didn’t feel that much better until yesterday when I drank nearly an entire gallon of water. Pretend it’s a stream or a river flowing into your mouth and take big gulps. It works for me. I usually buy the distilled gallons of water whenever I am feeling lousy and you know what? It works like a charm every time! So if you’re feeling sluggish and you don’t know why, try drinking some water today. After all, WE ARE WATER!

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