Uranus, the great awakener, enters the sign of the bull, Taurus
Uranus, the great awakener, enters the sign of the bull, Taurus

Uranus, the great awakener, enters the sign of the bull, Taurus

The mechanical bull  goes into overdrive as Uranus, the planet that rules electricity, sudden rebellion, being woke and progressive ideas, plows into the earthly sign of the bull. Taurus is all about security, comfort, the spoken word, whether it be speeches or through singing, and the exchange of goods and services. You can expect to see cryptocurrencies flourish for the next several years. Barter will make a come back and money won’t be as valued as much as people. Hallelujah! In this present age, it seems as though people are trivialized and money is king. Perhaps these next few years will point us in a direction where we exchange goods and services differently, or at least covet our natural and irreplaceable resources more than what can be replaced.

Someone’s smile, their thoughtfulness, being woke and aware and being of compassionate service to others will win favor.

Since 2011, Uranus was in the brash, opinionated and no-nonsense sign of Aries. Protests, rebellion, social media and self publishing took on a wave of new importance. It was a time when the message was taken right to the masses and the sugar coating and spin of a publicist was no longer needed. Nope, not with Aries. Give it to be neat! On the rocks. Save the chaser.

Themes such as land ownership, real estate, money, food supply and vocal expression will all undergo a huge revolutionary jolt of change. Who owns the Earth really and who is responsible for taking care of our planet? Hold on to your saddles because it could very well be a wild ride! There could be an economic revolution. There could be a massive shift in the way we handle real estate transactions and monetary value. Just what do we value? It’ll be on full display in the coming years, for better or for worse.

The illusion of money and the sanctity of land ownership will come up for review.

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