Talk is not cheap. Just ask Oprah.
Talk is not cheap. Just ask Oprah.

Talk is not cheap. Just ask Oprah.

So do you believe that “talk is cheap?”  Well, not if you’re Oprah. The talk-show queen has amassed a fortune demonstrating the awesome power of the spoken word. Oprah’s Aquarian humanitarianism and Sagittarian optimism blend in a way that projects itself as a genuine, wholehearted and feeling concern for her fellow man and the millions of devoted daytime talk show-viewing women. She exhibits a common decency that resonates with the human collective consciousness.

Ms. Winfrey speaking at the Women's Conference

She’s an entertainment powerhouse and a walking, talking, breathing brand who has built an empire using her affable nature, disarming candor and subtle compassion. Her business savvy is legendary, too, but her brand of business is not cut-throat; on the contrary, it’s classy, careful and above and beyond reproach. Her natal Jupiter is in Gemini, making her fortunate in all things associated with the written and spoken word.


She’s built schools for underprivileged girls in Africa, given away cars, made (hasn’t written) many bestsellers and has gotten up close and personal with Hollywood elite. Her performance in “The Color Purple” showed that she’s more than just a talker. She’s also an actor. If you ask gossip writer Kitty Kelley, O is probably worthy of the Oscar for her portray of real life.

Owning the distinction of being the highest paid entertainer, Oprah also knows a lot about the color green.

When I told a friend of mine that I’d recently met with Oprah’s people in Los Angeles to discuss a staff position in research with OWN, we spoke of her chances on cable and he said, “Are you kidding me, people will follow Oprah to the moon! Of course OWN will be a  success!” Earlier in the year I was not so sure. “O let the dog out!! Woo-Woo-Woof!” was the initial reaction when it was announced that Rosie O’Donnell will be hosting a daily show on the new network.

OWN initial concept logo

The initial network logo was orange and simple but  has been replaced by the more-colorful version above. NBC? No. It’s OWN.

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