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Choose: 2010

Choose: 2010

Okay, I know we’ve gone off on many tangents in recent weeks and we’ve tackled media and politics and how the stars play a significant role in everything. Far be it for us to play political pundit but we’ve noticed a particular pattern drawn out in recent weeks and months.

Why does it seem that there are many politicians in the United States who not-so-secretly wish for Obama to fail as he tries to steer the unsteady ship of the US economy into more stable waters? In times less evolved than these, wouldn’t their insolence and disrepute be tantamount to treason?

Instead, we have Sarah Palin leading the likes of these nitwit Tea Party people who conveniently dismiss the fact that it was Republican policy and former President George W. Bush’s failed presidency that got us in knee deep. Barack Obama has done a fair job mopping up after the Bush mess and the first two years of his presidency have been mainly devoted to damage control.

Let’s face it folks, there is no magic wand that Obama can wave and make it all go away and be better. But, for Chissakes, let’s let the man do his job without so much interference and petty politicking.

Voters, please remember this in about a week or so…Do we want real change or more of the same from those who care not about king or country, those that care about and nurture their own egos, agendas and plays for power. Give it up, folks. In the words of Mariah Carey, we can see through you “like you bathing in Windex.” Anyone got a squeegee?

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