Swimming in a sea of discontent. It’s better than dining on ashes.
Swimming in a sea of discontent. It’s better than dining on ashes.

Swimming in a sea of discontent. It’s better than dining on ashes.

It never ceases to amaze me how things can change in an instant…and back again! I think Facebook should have a “Hate” button to make it more true-to-life. There’s a spirit of rebellion and defiance these days that is palpable.


Uranus Square Pluto describes revolution, rebellion and potentially some form of rebirth. The suddenness of Uranus combining with the brutally “transformative” qualities of Pluto can manifest as abrupt and irrevocable change; the type of change that occurs in places, in ways, and with a speed and intensity that we would not normally expect. It can catch us unprepared and bewilder us, but it could also spur us into action, force us to adapt, and challenge us to reform some aspect of our lives. This can be tremendously invigorating. We can be spurred out of complacency and apathy. This may affect the way we run our personal lives or perhaps our complacency about larger social issues, such as environmental crisis or political corruption may transform into timely and focussed activism. Like ‘em or not, the terrorists planting bombs in Mumbai and the rioters in London are not suffering from complacency or passivity, and the result is that we’re reacting to their initiatives. Unfortunately people rarely display comparable zeal for more constructive revolutions, but there is some potential for that to change with this Uranus/Pluto Square. I’m not suggesting that we need a world full of over-eager agitators, but many of the world’s problems, and many personal problems individuals are confronted with, can be traced to an expression of non-action in the presence of a recognized and developing crisis. 


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