“Hello, SunShign!!!”


It’s one the brightest things you’ve ever seen. All of nature is a broad spectrum of vivid color and absolutely everything is colorful, including people, of course, and we come in a full assortment. SunShign Daily Colorful exudes and showcases this wondrous fact in a way that captures the imagination, inspires the mind and stimulates the senses.

Welcome to the new way of SunShign Daily Colorful. Soak up the luminous rays of light, insight and stimuli in a way that is humorous and refreshingly irreverent!

4/C is all about SunShign 4/Cast, a new conversation piece on what’s happening in your world and the stars above us in an “as above, so below” approach. We won’t give away too many details so as not to spoil the fun but you can be sure of one thing: a certain pizzazz that comes from spontaneity and variety. 4/C will feature a one-minute presentation for each SunShign.

SunShign Daily is a perpetual work-in-progress that has turned into a labor of love. It will never be perfect but hey, nothing ever is. As a wise man once said...

“Could we have done better? Likely. Could we have done worse? Very likely. Is it perfect? No. Nothing is perfect. Even the Sun has spots.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Setting: It was after they had just written the U.S. Constitution, the game plan for the new government. These dudes in funny hairpieces got together in a room, most of them lawyers, one a shoemaker, and they were charged with forming the new government. If they had made errors in judgment, we would have had to live with the effects but they essentially did a good job that was in accordance to what was needed at the time. Now it may be time to return to our roots because government has suffered at the hands of corruption by some greedy entities that care not for individual rights but for their rights to make a profit at any expense. It’s time for a new, better way of governing and a new way of SunShign Daily. Let the light be our guide for the good of one and all for those alive in the present-day as well as for our posterity. We will lead the way in this new age of enlightenment. Digital is freedom and we will destroy negativity with the light of love, compassion and generosity! It’s a cosmic recipe for success. Star soup is the edible equivalent in this era that calls for and requires true equality. Take a sip and say, “Aaaaahhhh!!!”


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