Moon, Jupiter and Venus light up the sky
Moon, Jupiter and Venus light up the sky

Moon, Jupiter and Venus light up the sky

 Just as Hollywood was busy patting itself on the back on Sunday night there was something magnificent going on in the sky! Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon came together to put on a show as they formed a shining triangle over the weekend. The Academy Awards were given out on Sunday in a ceremony in Hollywood. “The Artist” was the big winner; the film didn’t have much dialogue but it contained a powerful message. It’s about getting back to basics. Art in its simplistic forms is making a comeback. We’ve overly cluttered and complicated our lives with extraneous stuff over the years and now we are being asked to strip things down to the bare essentials. Great storylines and amazing acting are what make great films. It’s not about the special effects or even so much about the words. Is less now more? That certainly seems the case with the Artist. Congrats to the French filmmakers who were behind this remarkable film! …And congratulations are due to Cancerian Meryl Streep, who won for best actress just as the sun, Mercury and Neptune were camped out in her fifth house of creativity. The greatest actress of our time is also the most celebrated, and rightfully so.  

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