FOX News Channel: We Repulse. You Decry.
FOX News Channel: We Repulse. You Decry.

FOX News Channel: We Repulse. You Decry.

After some thought and deliberation, SunShign Daily declares war on the brain-washing propaganda machine known to American cable viewers as FOX News Channel. As a former News Corp. employee, I can no longer standby and do nothing about the all-out assault on decency and the truth that has been perpetrated by FOX News Channel in the states and its dirty, sleazy print rag cousin the Sun tabloid of Britain. While I worked for News Corp., I would personally hand-deliver the television ratings to Rupert Murdoch himself when he’d work out of his fifth-floor office in building 100 on the 20th Century-Fox lot in Century City, which operates as the media baron’s West Coast hub. It’s sad to see how Rupert has and continues to tarnish the good name of the late William Fox, for which the movie studio was named decades ago.

We’ll back off when Rupert comes clean and holds those under his employ who are responsible for the wiretapping accountable for their misdeeds. Perhaps someday his dirt rags will quit pandering to the lowest common denominator. Come on, Rupe, give your viewers and readers a little bit more credit than that! Don’t insult their intelligence. We know that this will probably never happen so we will keep chipping away at News Corp. until we have blown the bloody cover off of all of its duplicity, lies and doubletalk. SunShign Daily is the best disinfectant. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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