I is for imagination. Neptune, planet of dreams, illusion, the arts and cinema, is now in dreamy, far-out and perceptive Pisces. So what, right? Well, this is the first time in a century and a half that is kind of energy has been produced. Think about it. We’re all receptive and perceptive in a certain way or another. Our bodies are made up mostly of water and our brains are like transceivers and transponders — we pick on vibrations, or vibes, if you will, and send energy back out. We have to be of the light to shine or shign the light reflected . Come on, folks, we’re here to increase awareness of what’s going on in the world. The corruption of government and the banking system, the utter chaos that the unevenness of society has and will continue to caused until people realize that power will concede nothing without a demand. Mother Earth is taking her power back and she’s regaining her equilibrium and it’s starting with the SunShign! We’re not all fluff, pomp and circumstance of the linear kind. We are aware that people have operating systems, too. Think Android or Windows or iPhone / Safari. Our programming is what we believe. We receive programming in different types and in myriad forms — media, organized religion, each other, et al. The challenge is to sift through the rubble and the rubbish to find good, quality decent programming on which to thrive and live life to the fullest — by inspiring others to give and spread the divine wisdom of kindness and compassion. Welcome home, Neptune!

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