Commodore Sloat 64
Commodore Sloat 64

Commodore Sloat 64

Is it just me or does it seem like lately it’s been a little hard to truly get through to people? Either your thinking is a little scattered or your attention span becomes shorter but it’s all a sign that need to calm down, relax, research, prepare and not make any hasty calls or rush in where angels fear to tread. Easy for us to say but with soooo much going on these days in forward-focused, action-packed Aries, it’s been hard to truly slow things down; on the contrary, we’ve had to pick up the pace in a mighty way. The world is ever so shifting around us and even under our feet. We must endure and re-endear ourselves to mother nature by remembering that we are all part of nature. No matter how civilized we are or what kind of BMW we drive or designer duds we like to don, we are still human beings and mammals at that. We must remember what technology has helped us forget: that we are all part of life and from life springs the eternal hope of a better today, a brighter tomorrow and a sparkly future full of wonder, hope, optimism, happiness and light, for all living things on this planet we call EARTH. Of course it’s the struggles and hardships that teach us life’s painful lessons, but it’s the triumphs and strides that make it all worthwhile.

I wonder why Commodore chose a time when Mercury is retrograde to introduce its new retro-looking modern computer that can do a few neat tricks. What’s next? Atari? Grab a joystick! I say wait for the second generation of this new incarnation of Commodore as it could have some serious bugs to work out; and we’re just talking you loved to blow up and pop in Dig-Dug.

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