New Moon in Aquarius: Signs Abound
New Moon in Aquarius: Signs Abound

New Moon in Aquarius: Signs Abound

With the new moon in Aquarius set to grace us its presence on January 23rd, we’ve all felt a groovy kind of love lately knowing that there’s something awesome about subscribing to a live-and-let-live kind of philosophy. Well, some of us have, anyway.

I’ve been receiving some pretty strange signs lately that I’d like to share. I was looking through my phone while at a Metro station recently and I came across a picture I had taken of some Egyptian hieroglyphics that were in the cement designs on the grounds of the Compton Town Center. I must have first set foot there when I was a kid and I had seen the designs before but had paid no real attention to them, until I went there to do some shopping the other day and I noticed the hieroglyphics.

I snapped a few shots of the Eye of Horus design that was etched in the cement. I’ve since made it part of our new logo for meec, SunShign Daily’s parent company. So, anyway, I was looking through my phone the other day and I came across that picture and it brought back some nice memories. So I board the Metro a few minutes later and right next to me was a dude standing and on his right wrist was a tattoo of the Eye of Horus. I couldn’t believe it. As we arrived at a stop a working-class older Latino fellow stood up to exit and he was wearing a red bomber jacket with a round orange logo patch on the front of it that said “Sunshine” — I noticed the logo from the one I’d seen on the signs on Hollywood Blvd. across the street from the Pantages Theater — it’s the name of a parking company that owns the lot. I immediately thought to myself, “Oh geez, the universe is trying to tell me something!?!” LOL. Is it to keep up the cause of SunShign Daily? Maybe. I dunno.


I picked up a nifty little pen-sized container of pepper spray from Hollywood the other night to serve as a method of defense from the big, bad world out there. I figure a good cayenne pepper spritzer would do a little to neutralize any potential zombies. I checked out the packaging and it had a cartoonish picture of a chili pepper on it so after a few minutes I stood up to exit the subway and on the side of the exit door was a little rectangular-shaped sticker with a red chili pepper on it. I’d never seen one like it before. Anything is possible in the City of Angels.

“Holy Habenero!, Batman,” I thought as soon as I saw it. Hot damn, you just couldn’t make this crazy stuff up!!



I received a Kodak camera in the mail from Amazon about a day before the iconic film company filed for bankruptcy. It’s sad to see Kodak, which was once synonymous with American photography, fall by the wayside and not even try to play catch up in the digital age. Kodak is seen as a dinosaur brand that is worthy of the Smithsonian. Polaroid, on the other hand, has faired a little better by keeping itself in the midst of pop culture to the point that it was actually cool to listen to Outkast “Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture” and go, “HEEEYYYYY, YA!”

Yes, folks, the universe sends us signs all of the time. It’s just up to us to spot them. That’s the fun part. Here’s the kicker…as I Googled “Eye of Horus” today I found an article on and recently-captured infrared image of the Helix Nebula taken by the European Southern Observatory’s VISTA telescope. There is indeed an eye watching you in outer space. It’s now the third logo of mind’s eye entertainment co. Click on the eye for the complete details.

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