A Mega Coup for the Justice Dept. – The Feds Shut Down MegaUpload
A Mega Coup for the Justice Dept. – The Feds Shut Down MegaUpload

A Mega Coup for the Justice Dept. – The Feds Shut Down MegaUpload

Apparently, the Napster peer-to-peer effect keeps sprouting up like a weed in all of its more recent premutations. Just a day after a self-imposed black-out by some of the Web’s most powerful presences (Google, WikiPedia, Craigslist) in a show of solidarity to oppose controversial anti-piracy legislation, the Justice Dept. shuts down the file-upload-and-sharing site MegaUpload, which had servers in the U.S.

At issue with SOPA & PIPA is whether or not the law can go after sites that grossly infringe on copyrights with servers abroad. We’re writing an article covering the ongoing debate. Lobbyists, at the behest of the entertainment companies, urged their paid-for-congresspeople to push through legislation that would grow the far-reaching tentacles of the Justice Dept. to go after offending sites based abroad. Obviously, with the shuttering of MegaUpload, the Justice Dept. is excericising its might within its own juristiction. In retaliation, the hacker group Anonymous tampered with the sites of Universal Music Group and even that of the Justice Dept. We’re going to bring you a look at both sides of the proverbial coin. Why not take a toss and whoever chooses heads gets to save face, as well as their collective tails? Piracy is obviously a problem but how do we curb it without messing up the free-spiritedness of the Internet? The Web giants have a vested interest in keeping things (namely content) free of too many restrictions so that they can continue to reap huge advertising for raking in eyeballs en masse for categorizing, aggregating and revealing all that is online. Let’s find some middle ground.

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