Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston had her Sun in Leo so she was the consummate performer and a true show person; her Aries moon may have made her ready for anything, always willing to entertain an interesting suggestion, in search of the next adventure. She was a Pisces rising and her music allowed her to transcend. Just listen to “I Will Always Love you” and you will hear that transcendence — her voice almost reached out to other dimensions of glory and greatness. There was a time when you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that song on the radio. Her Pisces ascendent may have given her an escapist tendency, especially when things got rough in her personal life. One interesting aspect of Whitney’s is that her sun was in opposition Saturn. Even though it appeared that self-confidence came naturally to her, it took some work. Proud, adventurous, young at heart, humble, imaginative and self-critical, Whitney was a walking sea of contradictions, as many of us are. She passed away suddenly in the bathtub of her suite at the Beverly Hilton just eight days after Neptune entered Pisces and only a couple of days following the full moon in her SunShign of Leo. For a closer look at Whitney’s chart, click her photo:

Whitney’s wonderful talent and remarkable gifts will be with us always. Her stardom was especially bright around the time of “The Bodyguard” soundtrack.  The “Being Bobby Brown” reality show she starred in was a train wreck and was no doubt the nadir of the pop superstar’s existence. In it,  Whitney & Bobby appeared disheveled, slurring and obviously intoxicated. Her vices notwithstanding, Whitney was still a very soulful, loving woman who could not vanquish her personal demons. It’s not her struggles that we will most remember her for, though, thank goodness.

The message of her music will eclipse any memories of addiction. Rest in peace, Whitney. Thank you for gracing our presence with your beautiful voice. We’ll miss you.

Our love is your love forever. This is my favorite Whitney song. I remember when her Greatest Hits came out in the early 2000’s. I liked this remix of “My Love is Your Love” because it was very deep yet uplifting. I’d often listen to it while driving because it’d always make me feel good. Whitney had that way about her; no matter what was going on in her life, she projected these feelings of warmth and deepness. Her songs had meaning and the way she sang them telegraphed a powerful message.


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