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By “Mr. Starwavez”

Serve or suffer, Pisces. You’ve been put on this Earth to relieve human suffering, not to add to it. If you happen to fall into the worldly trap of serving only yourself and the selfish desires of the flesh, you will have to suffer in order to start swimming in the right direction – upstream. Your sign is notably symbolized by two fish tied together by a karmic, cosmic string of sorts, one swimming upstream and the other pulling downstream. Here is your choice, Pisces, because even though you’ve got a spot-on instinct, you can’t help but self-destruct if you don’t follow your true path—to serve humankind. You must set aside illusionary worldly desires and answer the call towards a path that allows you to practice your true inner nature. You’re spiritual, but not necessarily religious, sensitive but not weak, emotional but not prone to hysteria.

The symbol of Christ is the fish and trees were carved with a fish pointing the direction to “the way,” which was the underground movement of Christ after his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. Jesus was about service to others and the washing of the feet to show humility and selfless service. Interestingly, there were 12 disciples following him and Pisces happens to be the 12th sign of the zodiac.

Indeed, much like Jesus, you can meet tragedy, heartbreak and injustice with an indifference in that you expect suffering in this life and don’t complain about it. In fact, it almost seems as if you revel in suffering, secretly knowing that adversity builds character. There is strength in weakness, laughter in sadness and sanity in craziness. You somehow understand these paradoxes. To you, all things are relative. Your instincts are to be trusted and heeded. Your imagination is vivid. Your sensitivity is such that you feel the emotional state of the people around you. You must guard against negativity and pessimism. You don’t take this linear world very seriously. To you, life is a journey of the soul. Within you, Pisces, is a bit of every previous sign. You’re an enigmatic force of water and you are as mysterious as the oceans of the world – vast and deep. Prayer and charity are advised. Be as kind and generous with yourself as you are with others. You matter greatly.


Pisces, Aligning Ourselves with Spirit

[Ed. note: each month we re-run Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar’s profound and poetic take on the appropriate sun sign.]

Pisces is the last of the signs, the place where all of our lives, successes and failures, loves and hates, past and future, light and dark, are integrated. It is where our soul and our personality finally meet—and join.

In Aquarius we incorporated our guiding star, our ideals, into our lives. Now in Pisces we can touch that inner spirit in ourselves which informs us how we are living up to those ideals. We can use that starlight to move through the dark of unfinished business, and its fire to burn away the final dross of our zodiacal journey. It was a Piscean child who could say, “See, the Emperor has no clothes!”

Pisces is a water sign. All water signs are healing and bridging signs. Through them we touch our e-motions, which literally spur us to motion, move us into expression of what has real meaning to us. Pisces’ connection to proper understanding is shown by its association to the feet, which stand under us.

Water signs are in touch with suffering, and most suffering arises in the letting go of something to which we cling. In the air signs, which precede the water signs, we tend to hang onto outmoded ideas, attitudes, perspectives, and ways of thinking. Now, in Pisces, we allow intuition to work with mind to separate the significant from the petty, so that we can let go of nonessentials.

In Pisces, the last of the water signs, we must go all the way, we must finish the job. It is time to go through that metamorphosis which leads to transcendence of all those earthly ties which bind only the personality. The way must be opened for the soul.

The energy for this inner ruthlessness is like the great depths of the sea. During its quiet times the sea erodes the land inconspicuously but inexorably. In its stormy times, tidal waves and hurricanes can be totally devastating. Always, the sea releases its debris. We can see it on the beaches and in the fishermen’s nets.

Purification is the goal. It is during Pisces time that we engage in the fasting and penance of Lent. We are preparing the space for the fresh birth of Aries at Spring Equinox.

The night force is now in its closing phase, and all the remaining ghosts must be cleaned out if we are to become agents of universal wholeness.

Our imaginations open. We touch the grand symphony of the spheres. As we strengthen our inner focus, our purpose can become clear. In Pisces we need to align ourselves with spirit; if we fail to do this, confusion and chaos result.

As our sensitivity is increased, as we refocus around our spiritual center, we find a new strength to act, and that strength is generated through love. In Pisces we will be drawn to whatever we love the most, and if we focus our love on our true purpose, we will draw to ourselves opportunities for growth and success. Love is the greatest of all healing powers.

In Pisces we can appreciate the poetry and beauty of life. We have a restlessness to become part of the good, the true, and the beautiful which persist through time. The eternal verities draw us.

As we detach ourselves from one time and place, we can tune into all times and places. As we open and listen to our own deepest selves, we become attuned to all of life. We become aware that we are connected with one another in one vast web of life, and what happens to one part affects all the parts. We thus develop compassion and true humility.

Examples of Pisceans with an ability to see the whole combined with a strong sense of purpose are George Washington, the Father of our Country, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, and Ralph Nader, who has been behind most of the environmentally friendly legislation which Congress has passed in the last 30 years, including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Talk about purification!

Author Spotlight

Maya del Mar


Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar (1928-2006) immersed herself in the study of astrology for nearly 40 years. It was her life’s passion and purpose to explore and share the insights of this ancient art and science with others. In carrying on Daykeeper Journal, we, her daughters, share with you her caring, meticulous, subtle, wise and generous spirit. You can find her Sun Sign forecasts here, and many other writings here on the earlier version of this site. Read Full

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