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By “Mr. Starwavez”

Oh that captivating Libra smile! Chances are, it’s your pearly whites and adorable sonrisa that has wooed many admirers and paramours. Not to mention your charm, grace, sophistication and impeccable manners. Yours is one of the two signs ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony and aesethetics.  You’re a head turner, Libra and people tend to get rubber necked around you, even passers by. You probably make people fall in love with you quite easily, without even trying. They can’t help being in awe of you, Libra, and who can blame them? You have refined tastes and you’re ever the diplomat, choosing your words carefully so as not to offend anyone.

Some may call you a fence sitter who has difficulty making up your mind. Because you’re a people pleaser with the ability to weigh both sides of any issue (hence the symbol of your sign, the scales) you often like to take your time before making an important decision. Fairness and balance are your buzzwords, Libra. Forget Fox News Channel. LOL. You know what it really means to be fair.

Careers in the beauty industry are well suited for you, whether it be modeling, fashion or photography or even in cosmetics. Art is also of keen interest to you. Perhaps you’re an antiques dealer or an art collector. If not, you still appreciate the finer things in life. It doesn’t always have to be expensive opulence for you. Even the poorest natives of your sign tend to live life gracefully and like to surround themselves with pretty things that please your senses. The law is also an area of interest as you as more than able to do the research necessary to weigh the pros and cons of any issue.


Libra: the Intelligent Comprehension of Life

[Ed. note: each month we re-run Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar’s profound and poetic take on the month’s sign. This month we’re running the sun sign Libra.]

The Sun moves into Libra at the exact moment when the days and nights are equal. Balance, equilibrium, is the key to Libra. Balance requires judgment, knowledge, perspective and integrity, and Libra time gives us special opportunities to develop those qualities.

Equinoxes usher in the autumn and spring seasons, when life’s seasonal rebalancing occurs. We can invoke appropriate rebalancing for this next quarter, as we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.

River and Gillespie, in The Knot of Time, illustrate the essence of Libra as they describe its background:

The name Libra comes from the Libyan Goddess of Holy Law who carried the scales of judgment, and her counterpart in Egypt was Maat, the spirit of equilibrium, of justice, truth and rightness. She lived within a person and also existed outside and so was known as the ‘double Maat,’ encompassing both individual and cosmic consciousness. After death the Egyptians believed that the heart was weighed against a feather in the scales of Maat. Maat was no dispenser of punishment, however; she was the personification of truth, the spirit that animates all living beings, both divine and human. If the heart were too heavy then, without blame or punishment, the soul would return to earth to reincarnate until light enough for final liberation. Maat had no temple because she could not be confined; she was the natural order itself. To be in accord with natural truth and justice creates harmony, and Maat symbolized this quality.

Libra’s connection with the divine gives it special grace, and motivates its attraction to beauty, truth, and goodness. This connection also gives Libra an air of goodwill, for she is intimately acquainted with the benevolence of the universe.

The three air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—are the humanists of the zodiac, and Libra is the most humanistic. Libra’s connection with the divine is expressed especially through relationships with another. The state of marriage, where two people commit themselves to working at a balanced partnership, is a natural life path for Libra.

Libra’s ideals, humanism, and desire for justice are also motivations to work at building civilization, to help create a society in which people can live in beauty, peace and harmony.

Libra is the Master Builder, the one who builds the world of form in such a way as to unveil the presence of divinity, whether it be a building, a work of art, a partnership, a conversation, a political role, or doing one’s best in a skilled endeavor. For this reason, Saturn is considered to be exalted in Libra.

Libra, as air sign, emphasizes the mind. It is a time when we can clarify our thinking and sharpen our judgment. Comparisons and contrasts become our raw material for drawing balanced conclusions.

In Libra we work on reconciling our lives with our ideals. Memory is stimulated as we rebalance the flow of our lives by relating past to present, present to future. As we increasingly accept responsibility for our past mistakes, we re-formulate blocks and structures which have been obstacles to our growth.

The cultivation of fair play is important now, and we can enhance our abilities at negotiation. Totalitarianism and bossiness are not well tolerated, and conflicts may be heightened between authoritarian groups and people whom they seek to control. This is not the time to pull rank.

Libra is a time to focus on the intelligent comprehension of life, and through this focus to find the divine peace within ourselves.

Many famous Librans have been involved in politics and struggles for justice. Examples are Eleanor Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Jesse Jackson, all of whom have created power-sharing marriages.

Bill Clinton’s Libra Ascendant is loaded with Libran planets. It is his dominant sign, and we can see in him his innate attractiveness, general goodwill, his struggles to live up to ideals, his skill at negotiation, and his desire for a strong partnership.

We can also see a major Libran problem: losing sight of being true to oneself in the desire to please everyone in the name of harmony. Integrity can thus become buried.

Rivers and Gillespie complete their description of Libra with:

In her maturity Libra’s vision expands from her early romanticism to encompass a love so balanced that the beloved is not placed higher than the lover, and selfish ego concerns do not motivate the relationship. Lover and beloved, friend and friend, are equal; their needs are not in conflict or bargained over but pooled and shared openly in Libran trust. Libra loves her friend as she loves herself, for she knows that the breath of Maat, the Cosmic Consciousness, flows equally through one as through the other.

Author Spotlight

Maya del Mar


Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar (1928-2006) immersed herself in the study of astrology for nearly 40 years. It was her life’s passion and purpose to explore and share the insights of this ancient art and science with others. In carrying on Daykeeper Journal, we, her daughters, share with you her caring, meticulous, subtle, wise and generous spirit. You can find her Sun Sign forecasts here, and many other writings here on the earlier version of this site. Read Full

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