The jingoism of Donald Trump
The jingoism of Donald Trump

The jingoism of Donald Trump

Trump’s claim to “Make America Great Again” is actually a stolen early campaign line of Bill Clinton’s. The former president seemed to utter those words in 1992 in a manner that was encouraging instead of the angry battle cry of Trump.

Trump is right in that America, although first as the world’s protector, has taken a back seat globally to other nations that have been more opportunistic. Rather than wagging its big stick and saying, “shame on you for riding on our big, bright red, white and blue coattails,” America ought to continue to be a shining example of democracy, diplomacy, compassion and reason. Instead, what we are seeing is an onslaught of negativity and sour grapes  from the man who happens to be the leader of the free world. Scary huh? I predict there will be a lot of people dressed as Donald Trump for Halloween this year. It’s a pretty easy costume. Half of them might not even get beat up. Who knows?

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