“The Gregarious Aquarius” Carroll Righter
“The Gregarious Aquarius” Carroll Righter

“The Gregarious Aquarius” Carroll Righter

In a new series we call the “Astrology Hall of Fame,” we’ll be honoring and highlighting the outstanding achievements and lasting contributions of some of the most well-known and highly regarded people ever to take up the practice of astrology. Some fell into it on accident while others had peered up at the stars with wonder and awe since they were tiny tots.

Each legend we profile — from Evangeline Adams, Linda Goodman, Sydney Omarr and Carroll Righter, has made an indelible mark on astrology and the world in which we live. They have risked their reputations and, in some cases, even their freedom, to defend the validity of the sacred science and timeless art that they enjoyed so much. I think what they liked about it was how they were able to help people understand themselves and make sense of the events that were taking place in their lives. I can honestly say that astrology saved my life and helped me understand myself.

Today, on the 111th anniversary of his birth, we are proud to introduce our very first inductee into the Astrology Hall of Fame. He’s a man who was known simply as “The Gregarious Aquarius” for his friendly charm, for his loquaciousness and for his penchant for guessing other people’s sun signs; he’s none other than Carroll Righter. Carroll wrote the daily astrological forecast for the Los Angeles Times and dozens of other newspapers. One interesting thing about his column is that he listed “Moon Children” instead of “Cancer” in his daily horoscopes. I like that! I recently microfiched his astrological forecast for the day I was born and I was quite amused by what I read. =) Click on Righter’s picture above for his bio.

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