The Earth adds a billion to its population since 1999
The Earth adds a billion to its population since 1999

The Earth adds a billion to its population since 1999



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Remember partying like it was 1999? Can you believe that there are a billion more people on planet Earth since then? Before the turn of the century, we were all made nervous by what was then called “Y2k” and the chaos caused by the hysteria of a potential meltdown in our computer systems. For some reason, it was thought that our systems couldn’t compute what was the year 2000 and that computer networks would revert back to 1900; which was strange considering that there were no computers way back at the start of the 20th century.

At any rate, it made computers into something like cars: a new, sleeker, hipper model out every year, complete with more RAM, DVD burner, more head room, cup holder, etc. Of course, our computers didn’t go kaput back then but now the world’s financial systems are in a state of flux.

The fact that there are an entire billion more people in the world urges us to go back to basics in order to sustain the human race and to save Earth. We must develop viable solar and wind energy capacity for our very survival and for that of our posterity.

Overpopulation is a very serious issue and one that we don’t often think of. There are nearly 7 billion of us on this planet. Surely, if we work together we can harness the energy of the sun and the wind for the betterment of humanity. The greedy oil companies are so yesterday. The sun is yesterday, today and tomorrow. Click on the picture of planet Earth above for a staggering article.

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