She must have known he was waiting for her
She must have known he was waiting for her

She must have known he was waiting for her

Legendary Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin recently announced that she will marry her longtime confidant Willie Wilkerson. The trash-talking tabloids had written her off for dead last year but now she seems fine and looks great. When I heard the news about her upcoming marriage I instantly thought of this beautiful duet she did with George Michael.

She even joked, “No, I’m not pregnant” when it was announced that she’d wed Willie. Aretha is set to marry Mr. Wilkerson in a Miami Beach wedding ceremony. We wish their wonderful romance much love, happiness and mutual R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Aretha is an Aries, the SunShign that is hosting the dynamic, surprise-inducing energy of Uranus for the next several years. Magnificent Jupiter just turned direct last year on Christmas and it’s parked in Franklin’s second house of values, confidence and resources.

Their romance is a wonderful testament to how love endures. Through all of the ups and downs, somehow Aretha must have known that Willie was waiting for her.

George Michael & Aretha Franklin – I Knew You… by zocomoro


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