Prince: Love Will Conquer If You Just Believe
Prince: Love Will Conquer If You Just Believe

Prince: Love Will Conquer If You Just Believe





7 June 1958; 18:17; Minneapolis, MN

  • Sun: Gemini
  • Moon: Pisces
  • Ascendant: Scorpio

Prince Rogers Nelson, known to his millions of fans simply as Prince, died unexpectedly at his home in Minneapolis on 21 April, 2016. More a King of music than a prince he passed as millions celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

The official time of death was recorded at 10:07 am, just as mysterious and magical Neptune culminated. The cause has yet to be established. In recent weeks he was reportedly suffering “flu-like symptoms” necessitating an emergency dash to hospital a matter of days before his death.


Prince joins a number of extraordinary talents, including David Bowie, lost to us since the beginning of 2016, which has inspired many to question whether the “stars” have anything to do with it. Total solar eclipses and Uranus and Pluto notwithstanding, the more mundane explanation is that a growing number of celebrities from the world of theatre, music and the arts are reaching their sixties, seventies and eighties. Sixty may be the new forty, but our cells don’t necessarily know that.

A musical colossus, a prodigious talent and a prolific artist Prince wrote his first song at age seven and recorded his first album at twenty – fifty more were follow, and seven Grammy awards and an Oscar. And while he was not a classical musician he nonetheless followed in the footsteps of Mozart and Mendelssohn who were musical prodigies and composed prolifically during their short lives. He wrote for others too, including Sinead O’ Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U – Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, the Bangles and Patti La Belle. He was not only an extraordinary singer-songwriter but also an actor, film director, record producer and instrumentalist – some consider him to be the greatest guitarist of his generation.

It is well nigh impossible to see genius in a natal chart, although Grand Trines certainly reveal a gift of some description. Prince has no Grand Trine, although the Moon in Pisces is in close trine to divine Neptune, which is conjunct the Ascendant.



7 Jun 1958, 18hrs 17,
Minneapolis, MN

His Gemini Sun and Venus explain his ability to assume a variety of roles and the Sun’s opposition to Saturn gives him staying power. The Moon-Pluto opposition straddling his MC-IC axis reveals his capacity to reinvent himself, but it must also be implicated in his complex emotional make-up and his unstable childhood, particularly his difficult relationship with his mother. That Mercury in the seventh house of relationships intersects the Moon-Pluto opposition, producing a T-square in Mutable signs, says much about his commitment issues and his two marriages.

Restrictive Saturn’s position in the second house of finance and self-worth may seem to be an anomaly, but many billionaires and millionaires have Saturn in this sector: the reason being that with money comes responsibility.

They say those whom the gods love die young, which is some small comfort for the passing of an artist who was taken far too soon, however, we have yet to discover whether some pneumonia-like virus robbed him of his life or a self-administered drug overdose.

With Neptune on the Mid-heaven at ten in the morning on the 21st April a certain mystery shrouds the circumstances of his death. We may end up with an open verdict or we may discover that he succumbed to a deadly infection or a drug overdose, all of which have the signature of Neptune upon them.

Prince died as Saturn opposed his Sun while Jupiter and Neptune squared it. A matter of hours earlier, the Moon reached his natal Jupiter suggesting a joyful, expansive passing. He is an incalculable loss to the music industry, although we must be thankful for the rich and abundant legacy he has left.

-Penny Thornton / Astrolutely

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