No Turning Back – Flee From Negativity
No Turning Back – Flee From Negativity

No Turning Back – Flee From Negativity

Negativity is a dark place. Don’t go there. Stay in the Light. SunShign. Promoters of Light. Flee from Negativity and Bask in the Light of Goodness.

Astrology of 2014, the Tao of Opportunity

“We may be floating on the Tao but there is nothing wrong with steering. If Tao is like a river, it is certainly good to know where the rocks are.” Deng Ming Dao

In both Western and Chinese astrology, June 2014 explodes with the quirky qualities of the Year of the Green Horse. June is a Metal Horse Month in a Wood Horse Year—fast, wild, chaotic. A month to get back in the saddle, to take risks, to have adventures.

It is also a month which, if we pay attention to what is actually happening rather than to what our minds expect to happen, can shift us from outdated 3D-astrology into 5D-quantum cosmology. In all the hypotheses about the impact of the Grand Cardinal Cross, none of us predicted just how quickly and permanently the old personal stories, narratives and constructs would disappear. Just think about how after four years of extreme and rare astrological events, our resilience and inner resources have expanded exponentially, so much so that even when inside 2014’s multiple time loops of continuous retrogrades, we’re flowing with the energy instead of being stuck inside it.

The River of Tao

Astrology June 2014

During April’s Grand Cardinal Cross, bridges opened in thin air between Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Jupiter . We are still learning to edge our way across them. The Crossroads between all four elements—Earth, Fire, Water and Air—birthed the possibility of a personal and interpersonal synthesis. In synchronicitous sacred geometry, the Grand Water Trine between Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn—the Shaman, the Wisdom Keeper and the Master Teacher—is raising your emotional intelligence—your EQ—through heightened intuition and sensory acuity. In June, the inner planets symbolizing mind, body, emotion and spirit are leading us deeper into the river of the Tao that creates our timeless present and future.This unified field is known in the East as the source of creation, the ultimate, the inexpressible, the indefinable and the unnameable. In Western quantum physics it is the conscious universe, the mirroring universe, or the elegant universe. 

“The more adequately I can interpret the intuition of spirit, the more that spirit can speak to me, the more the channels of communication are open, leading from communication to communion, to union and identity” Ken Wilber

The wild ride of June’s astrology will prove that body,mind, emotions and soul are indivisible. After all, if the universe is self- regulating, mirroring, alive, how can each of us not be?

Your Evolving Mind. Mercury, the Guide of Souls, turns retrograde on June 7 in Cancer, crossing then re-crossing the World Axis from his own sign of Gemini. As the Messenger conjuncts the Sun on Beltegueuse on June 19, we will enjoy a burst of creativity and spontaneity. This is not the usual Mercury retrograde, but a trip below the surface of things, bringing revelations and conundrums.

The Opportunity How can we upgrade our belief systems and personal constructs? Where and how is negative or limiting thinking holding us back? How are you underestimating yourself? Find someone who is a model for the life you’d like to live. What do they have to believe about what’s possible for them to have created this?

Your Evolving Emotions. Venus spends three weeks in her own sign of Taurus until June 23, aligning harmoniously with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn to ground the changes wrought during the Cardinal Cross .

The Opportunity How can we distinguish between what is and is not within our control, and what we can and cannot change? How will we treat our lives as a creative project by being curious and playful? How can we beautify ourselves and our surroundings by restoring their soul?

Mars Square Pluto, June 2014

Mars Square Pluto, June 2014

Your Evolving Body. Mars in Libra brings situations that have been simmering on the back burner to a head as he confronts first Pluto on June 14, then Uranus on June 25.

The Opportunity. How can you master skilful will instead of strong will? How can you listen and respond to your body’s guidance?

The Synthesis

None of these inner planetary transits are discrete events to be analysed or dissected, but epiphanies on the way to a personal psychosynthesis when we stand in the centre of our own psyche, our own soul and are we are each finally at cause, not an effect. As we live our lives, we apprehend through all our senses, not in compartments and categories. The next step is to learn to do this intentionally. This is easier than it sounds, because since July 2013 the Grand Trines, Stars of David, the Tetrahedrons, the Merkabas have been making Empaths of us all. Consciously developing these Empath traits are the door to aligning with the Tao:

  • Knowing things without being told, way beyond feelings or intuition.
  • Attracting synchronicities
  • Having lucid dreams
  • Being emotionally expressive
  • Being highly sensitive to atmospheres and other people.
  • Absorbing other people’s energies and pain
  • Needing to avoid crowds, negative people or violence
  • Needing periods of solitude to recharge and clear your energy field
  • Striving for the truth-anything else feels wrong
  • Having a healing presence
  • In love with animals and nature
  • Becoming a natural problem solver, thinker and passionate about learning new things
  • Finding rules and clutter restrictive

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” Carl Sagan.


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