New Moon in Scorpio – Transformation
New Moon in Scorpio – Transformation

New Moon in Scorpio – Transformation

The New Moon in Scorpio encourages us to dig deep and to reach deep down to harness our energy and channel it. It’s almost as if it’s a dose of daring, clear-headed lucid visions and as though you can deal with and effectively manage what comes up. There’s also a magnificent can-do enthusiasm attached to this energy. Creativity will demand an outlet and it’s what you do with those ideas that counts. Scorpio Hillary Clinton is about to become U.S. President but it is not going to come without controversy surrounding the current email scandal. Hillary ought to argue that the gov’t created the internet and in the Al Gore days he called it, “The Information Superhighway” — Google is about as good as Fort Knox. Who cares if she used it instead of the gov’t super secure servers?
With the New Moon in Scorpio, we are challenged to realize our true inner essence. It’s all about taking that leap of faith. Superficial encounters just won’t do; this energy is best for getting to the very heart of the matter and it’s conducive to doing things that will bring forth real transformation at the very root level.
Indeed, Scorpio does nothing halfway and it’s a deeply spiritual, feeling, powerful water sign that is as sensitive as it is bold. The moon has vanished in the sky and all that’s left is a dark starry plethora of possibility. A newness of daring courageousness and a clam, silent energy is in the air. What is it that you hope to change about your life or about the circumstances that you find yourself in? Fears get cast aside with the New Moon in Scorpio and an inner braveness comes to the surface. Truth is, you had it inside of you all along. Use the next two weeks to plant the seeds of good change. If done in a selfless, purposeful, giving manner, real transformation can come and will yield fruit in six months’ time by May of 2017 and the corresponding Full Moon in Scorpio.
Delve deep, follow your true essence and remember to GIVE! without expectation of anything in return. Scorpio challenges you to practice the boldness of charity with the kindness of compassion. Scorpio


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