New Moon in Cancer: Intuition, Humor, Sensitivity and Artistry
New Moon in Cancer: Intuition, Humor, Sensitivity and Artistry

New Moon in Cancer: Intuition, Humor, Sensitivity and Artistry

The new moon in Cancer is wonderful. The water sign of Cancer is, in fact, “ruled” by the moon. This means that out of all of the other signs, Cancer is most effected by the phases of the moon. La luna is feminine, graceful, nurturing and protecting.

Cancerians guard their shells and their brood with vim and vigor. They are the ones who put people at ease and make everyone feel welcome. They feel compassion for their fellow human beings and they are lovely cooks, comedians and poets. Some are even musicians or singers! The brooding melancholy of the moon is a wonderful outlet for creative expression. All the way from that teenage angst to crooning old ballads, Cancer is sure to hit the sweet spot and tug on the heart strings.

Use this time to nurture yourself and others. What good are you if you don’t take care of yourself, right? It’s so true! If you treat yourself with the same consideration, kindness and care that you show others, especially those you love, you will be going a long way towards happiness.

Right now the world is experiencing rapid change. There is war raging in Ukraine, the effects of climate change are getting obvious, we are dealing with a former US President who plotted an insurrection to stay in power, we have just come out of two years of a global pandemic, we are now dealing with the obliteration of privacy rights for women. Awful stuff!

We shall renew our faith in the universe. The checks and balances are way off right now but things must become more in balance soon. The Cancer new moon demonstrates to us that we all have to keep our wits about is during this tumultuous time. Laugh in the face of adversity! Cancerians would have it no other way.

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