“Nature’s a language. Can’t you read?” -The Smiths
“Nature’s a language. Can’t you read?” -The Smiths

“Nature’s a language. Can’t you read?” -The Smiths

Have you ever seen a sloth? This animal is an unusual sight whose stranger-than-reality qualities may seem out of place in the usual lineup of life forms on Earth. And yet sloths are believed to have been around for 60 million years. Humans are estimated to have been on Earth only about 200,000 years. So maybe we’re the strange new weirdoes, and the sloths are perfectly ordinary in the scheme of things.

Have you ever seen a red panda? How about a giant coconut crab? The vast array of creatures on Earth boggles the mind, inspires wonder and awe, and breaks us out of our routine thought processes. The reason I bring it up is because the theme of creation runs prominently through this week under the Leo sun. But the real star of the week is a six-pointed star configuration in the sky. Two easy grand trines and three oppositions align to form the grand sextile — a rare configuration and a harbinger of good fortune. Equal parts earth-sign energy and water-sign energy, the omens suggest an effect like primordial mud. Wondrous creations emerge from the hospitable, life-nurturing environment, limited only by your imagination and belief system about the realm of possibility.


Special thanks to Holiday Mathis

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