Keeping It Real & Telling It All
Keeping It Real & Telling It All

Keeping It Real & Telling It All

Are you sleep walking without even realizing it? No, this is not some cheesy expose you see aired by your local news during a ratings sweep period, this is real. Our minds are faster, more powerful than any computer; after all, WE created the computer networks and systems that run and control our very lives.

The myriad programming we receive has run amok: we are programmed by all kinds of internal and external sources, think about it: the universe, the media, organized religion, et al. These forms of programming are neither good or bad, it’s all about what we do with it. As is the case with most things. Sometimes just thinking about something or merely entertaining a notion could be tantamount to actually doing something, so be careful what you say, think and choose to listen to. It could alter your perception; not that changing your mind is such a bad thing! It’s good to keep an open mind and perhaps you should  because we’re about to bring you some of most mind-expanding content anywhere. Be self-aware by being tuned into the kinds of programming that we receive from various sources. Starwavez. Reach out & touch your higher vibration! AT&T’s got nothing on us! So Let the SunShign! Just what are we talking about? You’ll know soon. Starwavez is coming to Blog Talk Radio! SunShigners Club is coming! Stay tuned.

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