Kareem tells it like it is
Kareem tells it like it is

Kareem tells it like it is

time-magazine-logoThe Laker great unloads on what ails current society and what needs to change in order to address the pressing problems we’re experiencing as a nation. Stagnation and the upholding of the status quo are no longer options. We must rise above petty greed and insensitivity and do what’s right for humanity and for our posterity. Are the powers that be pitting oppressed minorities against each other so that they’re easier to maintain, control and exploit? Is the U.S. government creating a welfare state so that its populace is beholden to it and doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it or question authority, no matter how unjust or corrupt? Has the government created an oppressive police state as means to deal with the unruly and crush any and all dissent? Is Fox News full of shit? Well, that’s a given. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a great article for TIME magazine; click on the TIME logo above.

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