It’s all good. It’s all relative. Even Wall Street can be good.
It’s all good. It’s all relative. Even Wall Street can be good.

It’s all good. It’s all relative. Even Wall Street can be good.

There’s nothing wrong with making money in the stock market; in fact, it can be quite exhilarating! There’s a money-high thrill involved in the gratifying and uplifting feeling that you can get your money to actually work for you, rather than it being vice versa all of the time.

It’s when extreme greed came in that the bad apples ruined the rest of the cart. Enter Pluto; all that was secret, in classic Plutonian style, has been exposed and revealed for what it actually is. If you’re kissing a frog every morning, then guess what, you’ll start to notice the scales as Pluto unearths whatever it touches in search of the truth and the most prudent changes that are ultimately for our own good. We’ve got Uranus in Aries hastening the throws of revolution, especially in long-oppressed Arab nations. The first was Egypt, where the ancient Egyptians practiced the ancient art of astrology. Pluto could have no more of the status quo; it was time to shake things up and Uranus in Aries was the powder keg to ignite a firestorm that led to the uprisings we are now seeing. We did a documentary slide show called “SunShign of the Times” about a year or so ago and it’s interesting because a lot of the things that we mentioned in that piece have come to fore.
We’re creating a new Daily SunShign page called UPN — Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, to take a closer look at these powerful, long-range, generational planets. Their reach is far and wide. 

The great scientific mind of Albert Einstein taught us that all things are a matter of perspective; we live in a universe of relative proportion, infinite depth, width, breadth and insight. Wall Street is not incorrigible; to the contrary, the money made on ‘The Street has gone to a lot of good: think about it: pensioners, retirement funds and medical research have all benefited from the loins of the Wall Streeters. It’s all in the greed. That’s what’s tainted it.

In California, there’s a heated debate involving the medical marijuana industry. The Compassionate Care Act Bill 420 was passed by California voters so that the seriously ill could have access to the plant. Nowadays it’s being used for recreation by perfectly healthy people who feign ailments to an all-to-eager-doctor who’s already pocketed the sixty bucks cash needed to write a recommendation. Compassionate care clinics sprouted up faster than the weed plants themselves. So it’s no surprise that profit is now the main priority of most of these shops and their compassion is not nearly as potent as their kush. It all comes back to the same thing corrupting the Wall Street fat cats — greed. Let’s get the greed out of the green, folks. Both dollars and nuggets.

It’s time for us to be as generous as mother Earth herself. 


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