Grand Water Trine
Grand Water Trine

Grand Water Trine

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WATER SIGN GRAND TRINE: People process the world in different ways depending on their particular biological strengths, what they’ve learned from experience and their ethereal leanings. Most people use a mix of logic, sensory attunement and intuition, and it’s their particular balance of these processing tools that makes all of the difference in their perception of the world. Are you mostly logic with a touch of sensory and a dab of intuition? Are you three-quarters intuitive with sensory and logical tools splitting the remaining quarter? It’s likely that the answer is different depending on the day and circumstance. With the current grand trine in water signs, the intuition part of the equation is turned way up. Can you hear the spiritual message of these planets today?

Mercury in Cancer reminds us that what we say to and hear from people is not nearly as important as the emotion behind the words. This is especially true in relation to our nearest and dearest, who can be deeply affected by our vibes.

Saturn in Scorpio suggests that you live with the end in mind. No one gets out of this plane alive. Feed your soul.

Neptune in Pisces whispers that you are the artist of your life. Make it beautiful.


Special thanks to Holiday Mathis

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