From the mouths of babes
From the mouths of babes

From the mouths of babes

I love kids. I went to visit my brother John last weekend and I was delighted to see him standing on the sidewalk in front of his place with his two kids, his wife and my sister Val and her kids and her hubby. They were all getting ice cream from the Mexican paleta man. They were all happy to see me too and my nieces and nephews started to ask me in succession: “Uncle Ricky, what’s my animal sign?,” referring to which Chinese astrological year they were born in. I’d shown them the little red book on Chinese astrology that someone had given me and it’s stuck with them since.

I asked them to remind me which year they were each born in and I told them what sign they are. My niece Marissa was born in the year of the Horse, my niece Mia is a Monkey, my nephew Cesar is a Boar (but not boring), my nephew John John is a Rabbit, my niece Nevaeh is a Snake and my niece Michaela is a Dog. They got a kick out of what this little book of Chinese astrology. Funny thing is that I didn’t actually have the book on me this time that I saw them. They’d remembered it and asked me for a friendly reminder of what their sign is. From the mouths of babes! Kids have a wisdom about them that is infinite.



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