Beauty & the Bull – Venus enters Taurus
Beauty & the Bull – Venus enters Taurus

Beauty & the Bull – Venus enters Taurus


Having worn herself out fighting through the fiery passion of Aries, Venus needs a break. The haven of Taurus gives that to her and more. Until May 9 of this year, Venus will luxuriate in her Taurus home like a pampered diva at a spa party. When Venus is in the sign of the bull, she is sensual and in tune with nature, experiencing the fullness of life. Venus in Taurus can also be quite practical and grounded in what’s helpful, tangible and real.

In the weeks to come, love will unfold slowly through daily efforts. People are not easily fooled by flowery words or sentimental notions; nor are they easily swept into emotional tides. It is easy to see through the fantasies and lines into who people really are and what they really want.

Taurus is also the sign of money and what it can buy. While Venus visits Taurus, people have a better sense of quality. The integrity and natural beauty of materials will be easily judged. Top-notch workmanship will be appreciated. Those who have a weakness for certain material objects (e.g., shoes, bags, guitars, cars) may find that they have a feeling very near to romantic love when they encounter a perfect material specimen. It’s a good time to freeze your credit cards in ice.

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