Ann Curry is yesterday as the Today Show pulls the rug out
Ann Curry is yesterday as the Today Show pulls the rug out

Ann Curry is yesterday as the Today Show pulls the rug out


It was hard not to feel for Ann Curry as she delivered her tearful and poignant farewell to the Today Show audience she informed for years. You could feel the obvious tension she had with Capricorn Matt Lauer during her emotional address; it was so palpable that you could reach out and touch it a la AT&T. There appeared to be no love loss between them. No, kids, this was not the always affable and endearing Piscean Charlie Gibson buidding a fond, friendly goodbye to his astrological opposite, the clean-as-white-linen  Virgo Joan Lunden, no, this Today business was more like a “see-ya-later” snub. Some blame Lauer for pushing Ann Curry out to make way for new Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, another Capricorn who is bright, cheery and quite capable of taking the reigns. Matt, whether he knew it or not, came off as a little conniving or a little contrite in his farewell to Ann Curry. To his credit, however, he did handle the pressure well. One might expect him to have sweated bullets like Richard Nixon did in his debate with JFK. Nope, Lauer held it together well.

Curry, a Scorpio, naturally feels things very deeply. So, what happened? The intense full moon that recently occurred was in Capricorn, which happens to be Curry’s third house of communication, meaning that something communications-oriented had reached a culmination. This full moon was in hard angle to unpredictable Uranus, which is presently in Ann’s sixth house of work and service and stern Saturn, which is in Curry’s twelfth house of endings. So if you put the pieces together you can see what’s obvious: this full moon precipitated a tense energy that led to her ouster. Now, let’s see if Today can reverse the trend of audience erosion now that one of its most recognizable faces has been shifted off; it looks unlikely. GMA, smelling blood, continues its offensive against Today and even featured Today’s former darling Katie Couric during a recent guest hosting stint. If you ask me, I think Today should have kept Curry and brought in somebody to replace Lauer. I expect Today to continue to slide.

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