2014: Year of the Spiritual Warrior
2014: Year of the Spiritual Warrior

2014: Year of the Spiritual Warrior


Click on the image above for an astounding article by Mexico City astrologer Crystal Pomeroy.

As the foundation of many of our lives is rocked, we’re faced with the question of how we roll with the flow. U.S. President Barack Obama realizes that nothing is getting done in Washington to help protect the average American citizen. Nothing’s getting done and it’s making him look bad. He’s enacted the Affordable Care Act to the chagrin and ire of the Republicans, who seem to be swimming in a sea of negativity without offering any viable solutions of their own. Naysayers have to stand for something, right? The govt. has had bigger fish to fry and it has seemed to have forgotten how to care for its populace. Obama has thrown down the gauntlet and picked up his pen as he vows to sign executive orders to bypass the deadlocked numbskull Congress. He’s enacting his own agenda. We’re all experiencing something similar in our own lives. We’re being challenged to try new approaches to age-old problems. The old ways simply don’t work anymore. It’s time to think and do outside the proverbial box. We’ve already opened a Pandora’s Box of issues that demand attention. There’s no getting the genie to go back into the bottle now. We’ve got to ask for our three wishes. First of which should be world peace. Then economic security and third should be living life in abundance. Together we can make it happen. Si Se puede!

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