Who (or what) is programming you?
Who (or what) is programming you?

Who (or what) is programming you?

We’ll take a look at the type of programming in our lives in the upcoming SunShign of the Times 2. Our minds are more powerful and our subconscious is more vast than any computer ever made because we humans made the computers! So ask yourself: what are you allowing to program you? Religion? Government? Media? Other people? All of the above? We’ll also look into the kind of programming that we receive from the universe. Nothing is truly predestined as we all do have the incredible power of free will but there are certain things that we should be aware of in navigating this great adventure that we call life. This probably says it all (courtesy of Astrolis.com) –

“Despite the complexity of our brains, our minds process what we give them to process. In the same way you can’t expect a Ferrari to operate properly by putting mud in its engine, the same applies to what we feed our minds with. You have a choice now. You can either nurture a fear and give it much unnecessary attention or you can focus on a something that is, at the moment, little more than a wish. Do the latter and your wish will become significantly more.”

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