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By “Mr. Starwavez”

Perfection personified, Virgo, that’s what you are, or at least that’s what you strive to be. Of course, there are no mortals among us who are truly perfect but your quick, alert, brilliant Mercurial Virgo mind is as close as it gets. Virgo, you like to be of service to your fellow human beings and whenever someone comes to you with a problem you always come up with more than one possible solution. The avatar for your sign, the spotless wheat chafer, methodically chooses only the best grain for the bread you bake. Interesting how the Pisces-Virgo being of service polarity works – Pisces represents the fish and Virgo the virgin wheat chafer for bread baking. Fish and bread sound very familiar, right? The only thing missing is the wine in the story of the offerings of Jesus, the ultimate symbol of unselfish servitude. Chances are, your recipes are the best around. Some of the best cooks I know are Virgo people.

Shy, reserved and sensitive, you distrust emotion and you tend to rely on rationality and intellect to guide you. You have a bright, orderly mind that can make sense out of chaos. Your organizational skills are legendary. Virgos are neat, tidy, clean and efficient. You have a wonderful blend of good common sense, intellectuality and reasoning. Your personal hygiene is immaculate and your living quarters is a temple of tidiness.

Your literal mind enables you to study hard and your mutable nature gives you the flexibility you need to solve complex problems. One of the most beautiful people I have had relations with is a Virgo – beautiful inside and out. In spite of all your virtuous qualities, you are not without your flaws, of course, however. You can be critical, of yourself and of others. Your perfectionism can get the best of you at times and you must guard against passivity. Passive aggressiveness is not a good thing. It’s better to come out and say what you mean without fear of reprisal or being misunderstood. Virgo, the world would fall apart without you. We all need your caring grace, your brightly lit mind and your keen sense of service and compassion.


Virgo: Sign of Quiet Power

[Ed. note: each month we re-run Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar’s profound and poetic take on the month’s sign. This month, as we enter our eleventh year of publication, we’re running the sun sign Virgo.]

We are all now under the influence of the Virgo energy field. Queen of Heaven is the ancient Virgo archetype. Isis, Nut, Ceres, Demeter, Corn Mother, Potato Mother, Kwan Yin, and the Taras are examples of names for her. In modern times the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, represents the purity, quiet power, nurturing qualities, caring, and bridging or intercession abilities of Virgo.

According to River and Gillespie, in Knot of Time,

We find in Virgo, more than in any other sign, reflections of the belief about the Great Goddess held most dear by her worshippers. The Goddess was seen as both the fertile Earth mother and the sanctified Virgin, the Queen of Heaven and the woman who lives in obscurity; she was in every woman. Virgo’s oldest associations were with fruitfulness and fertility.

Virgo represents the harvest (the mother Demeter) as well as the planted seed (the daughter Persephone). In the Americas we hear of the Mother of Maize and the Blue Cornmaiden, while in Europe people made corn dollies at harvest time to contain the blessing of the Cornmaiden/mother throughout the year.

The apparently paradoxical combination of both sexuality and virginity in the Cornmaiden and mother had no contradictions for Goddess-worshipping peoples. Sexuality was sacred and the word ‘virgin’ did not imply celibacy or inexperience as it does now. A virgin was a woman who did not belong to any man, who was her own mistress, aware of her powers and her value. She formed relationships and made love when she chose to, but never gave up her right to self-determination.

Temple priestesses were called vestal virgins, showing again Virgo’s dedication, as well as its ability to intercede with divinity on behalf of humankind and life on earth. This term also shows the close connection between asteroid Vesta and Virgo. Vesta was Goddess of the Hearth, and in our charts she shows where we dedicate and focus ourselves, where we find our personal inner security.

Virgo is the earth sign that makes the connection between the material world and the heavenly world. Virgo’s tools are a super-sensitivity to all of life, an extraordinary mind, and an intense desire to serve.

Virgo is a very grounded sign—in touch with the earth, its plants and animals, its winds and waters, and its natural rhythms. In Virgo there is appreciation of life’s simple pleasures, a recognition and enjoyment of every tiny part which contributes to the fabric of life.

Virgo is often a gardener or a farmer or an environmentalist, like Demeter, who brought the fullness of harvest to her people.

Virgo understands both the complex web of nature and individual bodies. She is a natural healer, and connects especially well with plants and animals. She is especially suited to “alternative” therapies, for her way of healing is to cooperate with nature, not fight it.

Virgo’s analytical abilities are as acute as its sensitivities. Virgo wants to make sense out of the world, and will observe, study, research, compare, and record. Virgo likes paper, where ideas are presented in tangible form. In fact, an ancient picture of the Goddess shows her with a papyrus headdress. Virgo is often a fine writer, or poet, or critic.

Dedication is Virgo’s path—dedication to improvement, to healing, to serving, to the refining process of purifying his/her own creative path. Virgo tries to live intentionally—to be conscious of its actions and to know that they serve a higher purpose.

Virgo is associated with health, good diet, exercise, and taking care of oneself. Virgo is a realist, willing to recognize and work with what exists. This, combined with fine problem-solving ability and desire for improvement, means that a situation is never hopeless. Analysis will always turn up workable options for improving things.

Virgoans need to work, they need to dedicate themselves, and they need to express their convictions about life and growth. Often they are found working behind the scenes. It is service, not power, which attracts, and Virgo is willing to devote all its energies to a worthwhile cause.

The Virgo addiction to perfection can be a problem at times. Virgo needs to learn to relax, to let things go, to look at the whole picture, and to criticize problems, not people. This is especially true with regard to self, for Virgo can be very self-critical.

During Virgo time we can notice what is out of alignment in our lives, and what adjustments we need to make, or skills we need to develop, to realign our lives with our ideals and our inner natures.

The aspect of love which nurtures growth is one of the great archetypal forces of Virgo. A challenge of Virgo time is to recognize the great importance of growth in our lives, especially growth toward divine ideals. Says my Saturn-in-Virgo friend, “It [my path] has the value of healing and nurturing life, and I will always be committed to that.”

Author Spotlight

Maya del Mar


Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar (1928-2006) immersed herself in the study of astrology for nearly 40 years. It was her life’s passion and purpose to explore and share the insights of this ancient art and science with others. In carrying on Daykeeper Journal, we, her daughters, share with you her caring, meticulous, subtle, wise and generous spirit. You can find her Sun Sign forecasts here, and many other writings here on the earlier version of this site. Read Full

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