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“Just Do It,” Aries. The world-famous Nike slogan was likely created with you in mind. You’re a get-up-and-go kind of person who can’t stand too much idle contemplation or to just be sitting around. Nope, not you! You’re a born doer! Because you’re so action-oriented, some people may think that you’re too impatient for your own good. To that you say, “Screw that!” you’re a fine kinetic learner, Aries, you learn best be diving in head-first into any project. Being a cardinal sign, you’re a dynamite initiator who gives fire, excitement and imagination to any new project but you’re probably not too great at finishing them.

You get bored easily and you hate to have anyone (or anything) spin your wheels for too long. You’re a lively conversationalist who can be brutally honest. You don’t believe in pretense of bullshitting anyone and you often wonder why anyone would beat around the bush and not say or act on what they’re thinking or feeling.

Some may label you impetuous and selfish but you could care less. You’re great at standing up for yourself, even if you appear hotheaded at times. This is because you’re greatly influenced by Mars, the fiery red planet of action, adventure and even war. Remember to pick your battles, Aries, because not everyone is worth fighting. When pride is the only thing at stake, is it worth going there?

“Discretion is the better part of valor,” Aries, so it’s wise for you to channel your energy and your enormous passions into worthwhile, fruitful activities and ventures. Sports comes naturally to you since you have a competitive spirit. You’re a born leader with fearless determination. You’d do anything to help a friend. What I like most about Aries is your wonderful eagerness. When you suggest something to Aries the question of “when” is more likely to come instead of a “why?”



Aries, the Illuminated Joy of Simply Being

[Ed. note: each month we re-run Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar’s profound and poetic take on the appropriate sun sign.]

Spring has sprung, the light has overcome the darkness, and Aries comes rushing in. There is no holding her back as she thrusts herself into the world, ready to meet all comers.

Aries symbolism covers the whole sheep family, and appropriately here. This time of year the green coastal hills are dotted with tiny lambs, nursing mothers, and an occasional very woolly ram.

The usual symbol for Aries is the ram, with its big horns. In ancient Egypt the fertile time of Aries was symbolized by the ewe, Seret. And at Easter celebrations we honor the innocent lamb of God.

Aries is the first sign, born again, and filled with enthusiasm to be out and about in the newly bright world, testing, challenging, leading the way. It is a fire sign, and radiating from Aries is the illuminated joy of simply being, beautiful to behold in its innocence and lack of self-consciousness. Sara Vaughn is an example of the many famous Aries women singers who charm us with their immediate expression of feelings.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, starts things. I am! Says Aries, and I can! Aries rules the head, the seat of ideas, and idealistic sense of purpose is very strong for Aries. To pursue those ideals, Aries will overcome obstacles, and often not even notice them, as though he is wearing blinders. The goal is all. Courage is the hallmark of Aries, for Aries is the pioneer who moves ahead to establish advance bases. Aries Marlon Brando was the first “method” actor to have screen success.

Let others hold the fort, for Aries is always restless to be off into new territory. Action, challenge, testing, competition, and crisis are Aries’ milieu, and she needs the freedom to assert herself.

Aries is the warrior who can dedicate his life to a sacred ideal. Aries is most true to self when that ideal is a heroic one, and one which relates to respect for life. A good example is the Rainbow Warrior, who trains to protect the earth. Aries Jerry Brown fights for his ideals, at one time instituting far-sighted programs as governor of California (and now, perhaps, doing so again).

For all of us, the season of Aries is a time for renewal, for breakthrough, and for celebrating, as we initiate new plans and activities.

These new forces emerging from the womb of the unconscious (Pisces) create an interplay between conscious and unconscious which greatly strengthens intuition. Work with archetypes, myths, allegories, dreams and other symbols can help us tune into our new growth as it aligns with our life purpose.

Two Aries stars who accessed that intuition and were able to share their original points of view were mythologist Joseph Campbell, who specialized in writing about the hero’s quest, and astrologer Dane Rudhyar, who was the major initiator of the humanistic astrology movement.

Aries is goal-oriented, and it is in understanding and being true to our soul’s purpose that we best serve Aries’ season.

Author Spotlight

Maya del Mar


Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar (1928-2006) immersed herself in the study of astrology for nearly 40 years. It was her life’s passion and purpose to explore and share the insights of this ancient art and science with others. In carrying on Daykeeper Journal, we, her daughters, share with you her caring, meticulous, subtle, wise and generous spirit. You can find her Sun Sign forecasts here, and many other writings here on the earlier version of this site. Read Full

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