Clouds are GOOD! The drought / lack of exercise problem
Clouds are GOOD! The drought / lack of exercise problem

Clouds are GOOD! The drought / lack of exercise problem

Crops in the Midwest region of the United States have been ruined by widespread drought. Remember to make conservation efforts because it boggles my mind how much water we all use collectively on any given day. Thank goodness there are trillions of gallons of water on Earth but most of it is saltwater in the sea. Let’s enjoy our water resources in a mindful and considerate way. We’re all made of water and we all need it for our very survival and comfort.


Try walking on SunShign for at least a half hour, five days a week for optimal health. A new study suggests that lack of exercise claims about as many human lives a year as smoking. Many teens and adults around the world are not active enough but their minds sure are stimulated by electronic devices galore. Remember to strike a healthy balance in regards to your health and the health of those you love: equal parts physical excercise as well as emotional, intellectual and psychological stimulation. Too bad you can’t run for reals in video games. Perhaps that is what Nintendo ought to come up with next: a video game console that actually exercises you rather than just pretending to. Wii need fitness. Get a WiiNF of this!

Indeed the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Because the Chairman says so!


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