SunSigns TV absorbs SunShign brand and content
SunSigns TV absorbs SunShign brand and content

SunSigns TV absorbs SunShign brand and content has ceased operations in its prior form.

Have a Happy Day Productions has retained content and will make the blog posts, pages, writings and video productions a part of the new SunSigns TV venture by featuring it on SunShign was first created in 2008 as a hub for all things astrology. From 2010-14, was a WordPress-powered astrology and current events site run by The Memo Agency. is now an online “monument” to Mount Fuji and is run and maintained by a Japanese internet company. SunSigns TV, what was, Get the Memo? and Have a Happy Day Productions have no involvement in the current incarnation of SunSigns TV retains SunShign intellectual property and content through its parent production company and owner, Have a Happy Day Prods. and Get the Memo, respectively. SunSigns TV also retains and will operate the Astrology Hall of Fame that is named in honor of legendary horoscope writer and astrologer Sydney Omarr.


SunSigns TV is a new online digital venture that will seek to inform and empower people with the wonders of the universe and astrology. We seek to entertain, enlighten and enchant. SunSigns TV. What’s Your Sign? Dive into the Cosmic Sea of Stars!

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