Sun is our energy source. The Moon’s effect on we Earthlings experiment.
Sun is our energy source. The Moon’s effect on we Earthlings experiment.

Sun is our energy source. The Moon’s effect on we Earthlings experiment.

As we read about the staggering amount of pollutants that we put in our environment and how the polar ice caps are melting as a result of greenhouse gas emissions we’re reminded of one simple thing: the sun is our source of energy. If used accordingly, we’re fine. Otherwise, if we continue to burn fossil fuels we will continue to destroy the ice on Earth. The ice serves as a heat shield, protecting the oceans from overheating by reflecting sunlight back into space. When there is little or no ice to do this, the heat of the sun is absorbed by the water, increasing water temps and melting the ice. It’s simple. The question we must ask ourselves and our governments and industry is this: Are we going to fully harness the energy of the sun with solar energy or are we going to continue to abuse the planet by using fossil fuels that are known to emit greenhouse gases that are slowly but ever-so-quickly destroying the ice on Earth? The choice is big industry’s to make.

Moon Made Me

Have you ever noticed the effect the moon has on humans? Of course you have! The word “lunacy” comes from the effects of madness that are influenced by the lunar lady. These vibes go viral in an instant but there’s no smartphone or computer needed to pick up these signals, they’re going right through you and I and everyone.

Try this simple experiment: Come to and look at the Astrolabe on the right hand side of the Splash home page to see what sign the moon is in. Then come back often and check when the moon comes to your sign. I guarantee that you will feel it when the moon enters your sign. It’ll come as an uptick in energy, better resolve and increased intuitive prowess. Just don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

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