Starfile: Birthdays – The Donald and Boy George
Starfile: Birthdays – The Donald and Boy George

Starfile: Birthdays – The Donald and Boy George

Can you believe these two guys have the same birthday? Well, we can. Both were blessed with the gift of gab and the ability to shock and awe people. The Donald does it with his over-the-top histrionics and Boy George would do it with his theatrics and sexual provocativeness. As Mr. Trump gets ready to clinch the Republican nomination for U.S. President one thing comes to mind: how badly the Republicans underestimated this man and how much the party establishment discounted the level of disenfranchisement not only within the Republican party but in the entire system.

To his credit, Donald Trump is taking a tremendous risk in the name of publicity and self-promotion. There’s no way he’ll win the presidency but he’ll have to deal with the fallout for a long time to come. The caveat, of course, is that his outrageous comments will forever tarnish the Trump brand.


Boy George is awesome! Our favorite song of his is “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”


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